Insane Insomniac (tygermine) wrote,
Insane Insomniac


I turned 32 yesterday.

According to science, I only have 12% of my eggs left. And those that are left will be less than perfect.
This saddens me.

I turned 32 yesterday.

And after 3 years, I am still alone.

I'm okay with being alone in general, but I find my moments of Bridget Jonesing happen more and more often.

I turned 32 yesterday.

I was accused of being bitter. I prefer the term - realist. I know what I look like to the world, and I know I am not an eligible young sprite. I have seen wars. I have lived through a lot. My body shows it. My body feels it.

I turned 32 yesterday.

My mind is a whirl with a thousand different thoughts that not even meditation can calm and quell.

I turned 32 yesterday.

The world should be my oyster yet I am not gulping it down. I am not going out and living it. I don't see the point really. Everyone says go on adventures, but I turn down invitations. I turn away from gatherings. Because I know I shall not enjoy them. I know the kind of people I'll meet.

I turned 32 yesterday.

And I am bored out of my mind.

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